Most of the Simiyu districts are mapped using sketch maps which are showing administrative boarders basically of wards and divisions.  Getting locations of the villages, hamlets, and social services like water points, health facilities, etc is very difficult. The problem is not being addressed now.  With that, KASODEFO is planning to enable mapping that will enable public accessibility to all the above mentioned points. Our innovation will be successful because we are combining strong local knowledge and community advocates with specialised international mapping expertise on a pro bono basis.  It combines mapping of the roads and villages in the area from satellite imagery via a team of volunteer mappers through Humanitarian Openstreetmap with training of community change agents in every ward to map using smartphones. They will check the location of dispensaries, schools and water points in their ward, and add this directly into openstreetmap via their phones.  They will also add additional information on the number of health workers, their qualifications, opening hours, and contact information and give each dispensary a score of gold, silver or bronze, using a scoring system agreed with the District Medical Officer. This will result in publicly available maps showing the location of every dispensary, school and water point both online and on paper in every village office. It will also allow online interrogation of the map to show dispensaries with unqualified staff, dispensaries with water points, etc.  Community Change Agents (CCAs) will be responsible for updating data and annual check on the dispensaries. In the initial training for mapping, CCAs will be oriented for this. All CCAs are voluntary working in dispensaries as voluntary community health workers hence they are available all the time. Additionally, KASODEFO is helping them through entrepreneurship training and micro financing hence supporting their availability as voluntary community health workers. 

1.      Promotion of Human rights, legal education and aid
i.                    Provision of Legal Aid
ii.                 Legal education
iii.               Court representation
iv.               Drawing Legal Documents.
v.                  Training of paralegals.
vi.               Mobile legal aid clinic:
vii.             Human rights clubs in schools (Youth for human rights clubs)
viii.          Women economic and legal empowerment
ix.                Community sensitization on human rights

2.      Entrepreneurship training and microfinancing (training and support)
3.      Vocational training (computer and IT, sewing, knitting and embroidery)

4.      Health (HIV/AIDS control, Family planning, Maternal and Child health, Tuberculosis, and malaria control)

KASODEFO implemented the capacity building project which was fully funded by The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), Tanzania (2014). This project had three major activities. Two of them are basically for capacity building of the organization and one is for HIV/AIDS control to Secondary and college students in Maswa district. The activities implemented were;

1. Five days training to the members and leaders of KASODEFO on Organization strategic planning.

2. Four days training to the members and leaders of KASODEFO on;
     i. Organization management and administration
     ii. Principles of Organization good leadership
     iii. Project design and coordination
3.One day training to secondary and college students on HIV/AIDS prevention and control. 

 We are looking for donors to work with us in implementing the following proposed projects; 

1. Promotion of Elder women right to life through environmental conservation education. 
  • The aim of this project is to reinforce the community of Maswa district to engage in environment conservation by eliminating the belief that the persisting shortage of rainfall is caused by elder women bewitching the rain formation.
2. Increasing women participation in decision making organs by increasing their capability to contest for different leadership posts in Maswa district.
  •  The aim of this project is to incrase women participation in decision making organs in Maswa pastoral societies.
 3. Dissemination of Voters education  (Voters Education empowerment) in Maswa district for 2014 local government election.
 This project aiming to;
i. To sensitize more women to participate fully in the coming local government and general election and how this can contribute the advocacy and lobbying in making rights decision in selecting proper and competent candidates in their constituencies.
ii.  To familiarize the community with the concept of Democracy in the multiparty election system, the essence and worth of women participation in the local government and general elections for community development.
This project has been proposed to achieve the following objectives; 
  • To uncover and reveal the risk of improper sexual behavior and its bearing towards HIV infection to youth working in garages and carpentry workshops in Maswa town.
  •  To impart measures and skills of HIV prevention among the youth working in garages and carpentry workshops in Maswa town.

 KASODEFO is currently carrying out four research projects:
  1.  The impact of gender based violence, discrimination and segregation in Maswa pastoral societies
  2. Market potentiality for entrepreneurship business in Maswa district
  3. Women and development (the role of gender balance is bringing about societal sustainable development)
  4. Education (the drawbacks towards academic excellence among secondary school students in pastoral society)
  5. Impact of HIV/AIDS in academic performance of the secondary school students in Maswa district.
All these projects are carried out by using internal fund more especially from the members of the organization, and from the partners (local and international)  more partners are welcomed to support the foundation in this endeavor.

In order to understand  the real needs and demands of the community we serve, we are using to carry out different field studies in all sectors we are working with. Currently, studies have been made on,
1. Human rights 
2. Agriculture
4. Market potentiality for entrepreneurship business in Maswa district
5. Impact of gender based violence, discrimination and segregation in Maswa pastoral society. 
Executive Director interviewing women in Lalago village,  Maswa east 

Tarehe 23 na 24 januari, 2013 KASODEFO kwa kushirikiana na Matandao wa asasi za kiraia wilayani Maswa (MASWANGONET), tumehusika kwenye zoezi la kukusanya na kuchangia maoni ya uundwaji wa katiba mpya kwa kuendesha midahalo mikubwa katika majimbo mawili ya uchaguzi wilayani Maswa yaani Maswa Mashariki (Maswa mjini) na Maswa magharibi (Malampaka). 
katika midahalo hii miwili, wanaasasi na wananchi wamepata fursa ya kutoa maoni yao katika uundwaji wa katiba mpaya. Miongoni mwa mambo yaliyojadiliwa ni pamoja na;
  1. Madaraka ya rais yapunguzwe
  2. Mikataba inayohusu rasilimali za taifa zipitie bungeni
  3. Mawaziri wasitokane na wabunge
  4. Falsafa ya taifa ibadilishwe kutoka ujamaa na kuwa ubepari kwani ndiyo inayofanya kazi.
  5. Kinga ya rais kutoshtakiwa iondolewe
  6. Muundo wa serikali moja ya jamhuri ya muungano ya Tanzania.
  7. Serikali indelee kubaki bila dini na maswala yote ya dini yawekwe chini ya dini na madhehebu husika. 


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